Issue no.2

Dear readers,

Another quarter, another amazing issue we couldn’t possibly have made without the support of our writers and visitors. This time around we have repeat performances from first issue writers and all new words from people around the world. We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we have and please don’t forget to spread the word.

Until next time,

Amani & Israa

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Hello Everyone!

We hope you enjoy our first issue and love it as much as we do! Thanks again to all the writers who contributed and those who got published.

We would like to note that we plan ahead and that submission is always open. If your work is not taken for the issue you were aiming for we might publish it in the next one!

We like to make our answers as swift as possible. Please always refer to the submission guidelines to reduce our answer time.

We hope you submit,

Amani & Israa


Issue No. 1

       We wanted to send this first issue off with a warm thank you to all those who submitted, were published and have helped spread the word about Blakelight. We feel fortunate to be in this position, giving voice to writers whose work we’ve had the honor of receiving. This first issue will always be significant and we hope its words move everyone like they have us.

To an amazing start,

Amani & Israa